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"I must say thank you very much. It is nice in today's fast paced world to find such honesty, integrity and kindness.

"I can't say enough about your software. I just wish I had known about it sooner. Normally where it would take 2-3 months to knock out a script is now down to about 4-6 weeks. Amazing.

"Character Pro and QuickStory have helped to bring the characters to life and actually give enough depth to give us a real starting point and, I might add, give the characters a reason to exist.

"Now, once we have created the characters in Character Pro and we are happy with all of them - names, background and texture - we slide over to QuickStory and the magic comes to life! Your screenwriting "QuickStory" software is amazing!

"Again, amazing stuff! Thanks."

Greg Osborne
Clearwater Entertainment

"I recently ordered Character Pro5 & QuickStory 5. I am delighted with both products and can't believe how much easier and quicker it is to create characters and plot an outline for a script. The products are easy to follow and help to give directions with plotting & characters that I would otherwise have overlooked.

I haven't had any problems with the products at all and I for one am one very happy customer.

I am equally delighted, not to mention surprised, at receiving your e-mail to offer support after buying the product. Thank you very much, it shows you care about your customers and I would not hesitate to buy further products from you in the future."

Martine, UK

"Love your software. I had been doing the characters by hand for years. This shortens my development time by hours to just a few minutes even for main characters. The story generator is nice for romance, but I spice it up after a getting scenes down. But, since I am writing a lot of romance novels, it sped up my creation to hyperdrive. Love both. Nice job."

Rachel Alice Hunter ( Chairwoman Teardropfilms Entertainment Corporation


Wow! I purchased this program a few weeks ago – it has changed my life. Do you think that ‘s too dramatic. I mean, yes, after all, I’m a writer. It’s not.

This program is awesome. I read every help item, learned my way around the program and I’ve found that it will do anything and everything you want it to do. Don’t be afraid of any titles that pop-up, CHANGE them if you want. Don’t be afraid of the suggestions that pop-up, you can EDIT and CHANGE them too.

This program is saving me oodles of time with outlines and character profiles! I’m working on my first novel and this is exactly the type of program I would have wanted to create if I wasn’t writing!

Thank you,
Michelle Anne Cope
Columbus, Ohio

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